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We give the Conch mollusk population a hope for the future
by making the harvesting of live species less profitable and
offering alternative revenue for the conch fishermen

For many centuries Conch mollusk was a reliable source of food and income for the Grenadian fishing communities. The shells grew in abundance in crystal clear waters - a beautiful shell with edible meat inside.

Over the past decades we see a drastic decline in Conch population caused by unrestricted, scuba-equipped collection of the species with total disregard to the shell maturity standards or fishing seasons.

It seemed to be a vicious circle - fishermen need income while Conch harvesting must be paused until the population is restored.

With great respect to the principle of green and sustainable future, our initiative is to turn previously discarded shells into organic soil fertilizer. Conch shells contain 95% of Biological Calcium Carbonate – essential soil fertilizer for the Grenadian farms.

By purchasing previously discarded shells from the fishermen we provide a much needed alternative source of income and facilitate significant reduction in intake of the live species


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